Check out these 20 abandoned towns in the U.S.

No matter if you believe in ghosts or not, everyone loves a good ghost story.

Some people are scared of scary movies, but others really enjoy them, especially around Halloween. On the couch with a hot drink, popcorn, and a scary movie is the best.

No matter if you believe in ghosts or not, everyone loves a good ghost story. But there are “ghost towns” in the US.

These are places that are empty or have few people living there. It’s scary, so bring someone with you (or five).

Don’t go to these 20 abandoned American towns by yourself.

20/20 In the 1970s, people left Boston Mills/Helltown, Ohio.

Only In Your State says that at the beginning of the 1970s, the US government suddenly forced the people of Boston Mills to leave.

Want to know more? Look at this deserted town. Don’t go to “Helltown” on your own.

The 19th and 20th Districts of Arizona rarely have a bright Christmas.

He couldn’t be without gifts. Shouldn’t this make you feel more like Christmas?

Atlas Obscura calls it “two buildings with boards over the windows and graffiti.” The name of the town makes that even more sad. 1995 was the last year that souvenir shops were open.

In the 1820s, there were a number of old wooden buildings in St. Elmo, Colorado.

Mental Floss told us about St. Elmo, a ghost town in Colorado. Since the 1920s, which is a long time ago, no one has lived here.

Most people travel with a tour group, but brave people might go on their own.

Five people live in Thurmond, West Virginia.

Mental Floss says that there are five people living in this abandoned town and that the old train station is now a tourist center.

It must be odd to see a place where trains used to run with nothing going on there.

Since the 1930s, most people who lived in Kennecott, Alaska, have left.

This Alaskan ghost town has been a National Historic Landmark since 1938, according to Orbitz.

Even though this town has beautiful red buildings, it is strangely empty. That’s spooky.

15/20: Avoid Avilla, Missouri alone. There are 100 people who live in this “living ghost town” on Historic Route 66 in Your State.

People say that Avilla looks like a ghost town because they have seen ghosts there. It’s not good for just one trip.

14 of 20 Visit Animas Forks, Colorado, which was burned by a fire. Once Tasting Table says that Animas Forks, Colorado, has been empty since a fire in 1891.

Ghosts? Who made it out of the fire? In a small village by itself, anything could happen. If you have to go, think about going with someone.

There are rooms for the 13th in Silver City, Idaho. You can gamble.

Orbitz says that this abandoned town in the United States has a hotel.

This photo shows a few abandoned dwellings in a deserted location.

Twelve: It’s scary Calico, California.

Would you visit this California town for souvenirs? If so, you’re welcome. There is a ghost town souvenir shop on Orbitz.

After being mined, it’s empty.

November 20, 2011, in Rhyolite, Nevada.

Travel & Leisure says that Rhyolite, Nevada, died in 1905 because of the gold rush. It’s nice that it’s close to Death Valley National Park.

Even though it reminds people of the gold rush, this ghost town is empty and creepy. If you’re not scared, take pictures like everyone else.

Terlingua, Texas still exists in 20 despite what most people think.

Country Living says that there is enough to see and do in this ghost town. Go to a restaurant, a bar, and a prison.

Invite pals. Look at that awful picture…

Around 9/20, Cody, Wyoming’s Old Trail Town, Like the empty Wild West.

Is Wild West ghost town interesting?

If so, go to Old Trail Town, but don’t go by yourself.

“The spirit of the past still lingers,” says Traveler.


Bombay Beach in California Salton Sea is a bad place to be. California is known for its warm weather and beaches. Ghost towns have no place at Bombay Beach.

The Daily Mail says that “once popular hotels” are now “derelict” and have “broken wooden building frames.” Yikes.

How scary is it in Bulowville, Florida?

Country Living says that there were sugar cane mills, a plantation, and slaves in this Florida ghost town.

From these pictures, it looks like you shouldn’t go here by yourself. Those walls might collapse at any moment.

On June 20, Cahawba is the most haunted place in Alabama.

If you’re not with a big group, you should avoid this place. Imagine being by yourself in front of this wooden house. There is a lot of worry.

Mental Floss says that Cahawba is now “Alabama’s best-known ghost town and an archeological site where tourists can explore abandoned streets, cemeteries, and other ancient relics.”


Why not look for ghosts in Montana’s Bannack State Park?

This deserted village is something that Tasting Table suggests you see.

If you’re afraid to go to a ghost town by yourself, that’s a great idea! It makes sense since you’re on tour. That should help, but you might still feel uneasy.

April 20—Elks Falls, Kansas Since there are 100 people living there, it’s not for wimps.

Another picture of a ghost town. This one looks like a scene from a horror movie.

“The biggest real ghost town in the world,” Thrillist said. Even 100 residents isn’t much.

3/20 Hague The county of Alachua in Florida is haunted.

Ghost communities in Florida, known for vacations, are even less probable. But it also has ghosts.

Backpacker Verse recounts hearing voices from cotton mills. Oh, no.

Grafton, Utah, has few people.

Grafton has a ghost story, like many other abandoned towns, that could make a solo road trip scary. Photographers like to take pictures here.

The White Lady of Latuda is said to haunt Grafton only in Your State.

1/20: No one has ever lived in Ashcroft, Colorado. Forever Thrillist says that 100 people lived in this small Colorado town in 1885, but it seems to be empty now.

Like some of our other cities, it might be fun, but you might not want to go by yourself.


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